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I found the food to be good and the entertainment was great fun. There was enough variety on the menu to please everyone. The entertainment featured some talented musicians- accordion , bagpipes, fiddle. The dancers were young, energetic, well choreographed and costumed. We had a great time. Music was traditional Scottish tunes and some more modern also. I would go back to take family when I visit again

We had a wonderful night out. The bagpipes, violin and accordion played beautifully together. The dancing was fun to watch and the sing along was the most fun. Our group clapped and enjoyed the merriment. Even tried haggis and liked it! Didn’t expect that. Great evenings’ entertainment!!

Mary Beth

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If you are visiting Edinburgh you must find time for this. We’ve attended shows in the past that we thought left a bit to be desired. But this show last night was terrific. Did I mention my wife is Scottish, and we have lived in Scotland, so we might be a bit critical, but this show gets all our thumbs up.

Great meal as well.


Last week I went to see the spirit of Scotland show.. the show was really upbeat .. great musicians, singers and dancers entertaining you for around an hour and a half …the audience were really enjoying themselves.. I highly recommend this show to anyone visiting Scotland.. the cast certainly looked like they absolutely love performing the show.. the show was traditional with a modern twist which my friends thoroughly enjoyed.

Great show! Very entertaining and lighthearted. Was a great way to spend an evening. Would recommend to anyone visiting that wants a fun and pleasant evening

After spending the day touring the Royal Palace and the Royal Yacht, we were excited to spend the evening with Spirit Of Scotland. The show was excellent and did not disappoint. Excellent musicians, beautiful and talented dancers all while enjoying traditional Scottish cuisine! Simply an amazing way to dive into Scottish culture. Amazing experience! Highly recommend spending an evening with Spirit of Scotland Show!!!


Spent my 40th birthday night with Spirit Of Scotland and it was the highlight of our trip. The staff was fantastic and the food was delicious. We enjoyed the live entertainment and even our cousins from England had a blast. This company is very accommodating and friendly. They put on a great show! This was definitely worth every penny. Thank you Spirit of Scotland for such wonderful memories

We attended the Spirit of Scotland Show in mid September as part of our itinerary on our bus tour through Scotland. We were greeted at the door by a piper in traditional dress and escorted into our reserved seating. We had a good choice of meal items and wine with dinner. Right from the initial toast to the haggis to the end of the show it was full of great entertainment and entertainers. The dancers, singers and those who played instruments were super entertaining. They also included the audience in one of their dance routines. It was amusing to say the least. It would definitely recommend seeing this if you have opportunity.

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