Traditional Scottish Talent

Meet The Cast

Meet The Cast

People Behind The entertainment

Let our talented cast entertain you with Highland dancing, storytelling, traditional Scottish songs, music and of course, the bagpipes. Our performers are looking forward to welcoming you to the show.

Arrival 6:30pm | Service begins at 6:45pm | Show starts 8:00pm | Show ends 9:30pm

Hosts & Hostesses


Throughout their reputable careers, the hosts who now front the Spirit of Scotland Show have taken their solo acts all over the world, on both land and sea. They bring with them all their experience as musicians and entertainers to welcome the world to Scotland.


The hostesses all have prolific professional singing lives across a variety of genres and venues. The Spirit of Scotland Show is delighted to have the expertise of their unique vocal styles while showcasing their deep-rooted connection to a genre they all share; that of the traditional Celtic folk music of their homeland.

Meet Our Hosts & Hostesses

Bruce Davies

Host Clark Stewart

Clark Stewart

Erin Ireland

Fiona MacKenzie

Nicola Henderson

Rhian Ferrigan


Fiddle players

The show’s fiddle players are unique in that all are classically trained, yet they are experienced in the very distinctive folk playing style that the music demands. Furthermore, they are unique in their experience as stage performers which brings a thrilling flair to a fiendishly technical instrument.


Is any instrument as unique to a country as the bagpipes are to Scotland? All players of this instrument in the world owe their identity as bagpipers to this culture, and the Spirit of Scotland Show showcases this pedigree. Though in constant demand at weddings, funerals, military events and national occasions, they are on our stage each and every night to entertain and inspire international audiences.

Accordion Players

The accordion players are the backbone of the show’s musical experience, as much as this instrument is to Scotland’s traditional evenings of group dancing known as ‘ceilidhs’. The Spirit of Scotland Show is fortunate to have the most skilled and versatile accordion players in the country: their minds are a catalogue of our culture’s folk ballads and dances, acquired through the players’ active participation in traditional music festivals across the country.

Instrument Players

David Vernon - Accordion

John Morgan - Accordion

Joe Whiteman - The Fiddle

Pipe Major Andrew Coulter

Kyle Rowan - Bagpiper

Performers & Dancers

Adult Dancers

Each of our adult dancers is highly adept in the huge variety of styles in which they have trained and competed across the United Kingdom for their whole lives. The traditional dances they perform throughout the evening at our show have long and significant histories, yet the show also benefits from the more modern styles of dance that these performers can turn into on a dime.

Wee Dancers

We are delighted to have ‘wee’ dancers join us from Phelan School of Dance, Debra-Ann School of Dance, Dunedin Dance Academy, and Brenda Ronnie School of Highland Dancing and we are grateful to all of their wonderful teachers.

Our wonderful cast of dancers

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